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IW Solutions is your value added connection to wireless equipment manufacturers and designers to deliver you the right wireless solutions at the best price.

If you are an equipment manufacturer or solutions house we can represnt your business in the local marketplace. Our team have a vast history in the wireless industry and such we also have a very large contact database.

IW Solutions can provide a full Consultancy solution and can then partner you with the right people to survey, design and build your network. We are based in the South West of the UK and have a very large global based partner network so no matter where your project is located we can help.

We can save your business or organisation large sums of cash simply by replacing your current fixed leased line with a Point to Point Wireless solution.

Need to provide WiFi throughout your City, School, campus, business or caravan park. Give us a call and we can recommend the right technical solutions and the partners that are best placed to deal with the particular technology and location that suits your needs best.

Ian Walter 2012