Sub10 Systems

Sub10 Systems design, develop and sell class leading Millimetre Wave (MMW) wireless Ethernet bridges.

How we do it

Sub10 is based in Devon, UK, and has been in operation since 2010. All members of the team have a background of senior leadership positions with premier telecommunications manufacturing and sales companies.

Design and development is the responsibility of a team of vastly experienced wireless industry professionals. Incorporation of sophisticated techniques and components into the core design delivers a product able to meet or exceed expectations for functionality, features and longevity.

Our wireless links are fed into the market via proven global distribution channels. Sub10’s locally based channel teams work closely with their partners at all levels, top down and bottom up, in order to present the end user with a second to none customer experience.

Our first system, the Liberator-V320, available in volume with effect February 2011, delivers an excellent balance between performance and cost effectiveness. A warranty of 24 months illustrates our confidence in the quality of Liberator. Additionally, our UK based support organisation is available 24 x 7. Finally, product improvements and updates, once released, will be available to all users free of charge.

The Market

The Liberator-V320 is extremely versatile and affordable and, therefore, attractive to a wide variety of market sectors. The combination of rugged construction, reliability, ease of installation, simple management, high levels of security, 320Mbps, full duplex throughput and carrier level grades of availability offer a viable alternative to other systems supporting: Leased lines, free space optics, LAN extension, disaster recovery, temporary events etc.

Satellite Broadband

We can quickly provide you with a solution to get you online no matter where you live! Satellite Broadband provides you with abidirectional high speed internet service for Internet access. Bidirectional means that receive and transmit functions are performed via the satellite; therefore there is no need for telephone line. With Satellite broadband there is no such thing a a "Not Spot". Get online, give us a call!


Wavion is a carrier grade Wi-Fi market leader with solutions for metro and rural areas and deployments in over 75 countries. Wavion offers seamless mobile data offloading and metro zone Wi-Fi solutions, HS 2.0 ready, for operators, as well as powerful Wi-Fi solutions for providers, governments and enterprises. The company’s two-way digital Beamforming with powerful interference immunity is the first and only technology to resolve the significant performance, penetration and profitability challenges facing operators of large-scale Wi-Fi networks. Featuring Wavion Base Stations with 802.11n (WBSn) in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz unlicensed bands, Wavion offers end-to-end solutions including access, backhaul, CPEs and management. Wavion is the carrier grade Wi-Fi wholly owned subsidiary of Alvarion.

With superior coverage and greater capacity, Wavion's solutions enable service providers, communities and enterprises to deliver high quality service in urban and rural applications while reducing CAPEX and OPEX by more than 50%.


We deliver the 4G wireless broadband experience.

We are a world leader in 4G wireless broadband solutions with over two million end user units deployed by carriers, ISPs and private network operators in 130 countries worldwide. Our solutions are founded on technological expertise, innovation and excellence that we have accomplished over our 15 years of leading the wireless broadband industry. We have earned industry recognition for our distinctive
open network approach that grants our global ecosystem of customers
and partners the flexibility to deploy solutions that best fit their current
and future needs.

Our end-to-end 4G solutions are inspired by our belief in the ability
of pervasive wireless communications to continually advance the way we work
and communicate for a better quality-of-life.

Ian Walter 2012